Ex is ignoring me?

im being ignored by my ex. We were talking for two weeks about general stuff. We got talking abiut the break up and she told me she was hurt and upset at the end but remembers the good times. I asked her to meet up to see me and that I'd like to work things out. She told me she's unsure and is confused about everything. She told me she would know when she knows... so we kept on chatting for two weeks, me making convo mostly and she was very cold and distant but she started coming warm to me and even joking and being more open with me. But jo mention of meeting up. So I jokingly asked abiut meeting again and she went cold again to me and said she's still unsure and that we'd talked about it... she then ignored my reply and has left it 'unread' for two weeks until the other day she read it but still didn't reply to me and she's ignored me since :(
i know she's adding guys on social media and talking to him so I don't know what I can do from here? I haven't tried to contact her again and I'm absolutely devasted.
What is she doing?
Ex is ignoring me?
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