Help! I can't get over my ex, as much as I know I should?

My ex-fiancee (bf of 8 yrs) cheated on me repeatedly and always denied it, until a few weeks ago. He finally admitted EVERYTHING! He is a sex addict. He slept with my cousins (before we got together, i had no clue), sister- in-law, & other women and exes of his. He is an alcoholic and recently began doing hard drugs. When he drinks he begins to reach out and invite women through social media. As if all that was not bad enough, he thought i would be too drunk to remember, but he said he would stop cheating, if iasked MY SISTER, or my friend, to sleep with him.

I really care about him. He has been going through depression and has no family around. The only "friends" are people he met at the bar that drink on a daily basis and do drugs.

I've wanted to end things for years, and i've tried to avoid him in the past, but i really "love" him. :/
I know i need to move on, but it's hard to bc he is always on my mind. It's embarrassing to tell anyone, and just wanted to share with you all. Thanks for reading
Help! I can't get over my ex, as much as I know I should?
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