Moving away. Let he go or prove thats it wrong?

So my girlfriend is moving away to Florida next month. She decided to tell me last night that she bought a plane ticket for next month. She had bought this ticket over a month ago one way after we had a fight. Which we made up immediately after. But she waited a month to tell me on purpose.

When I first met my girlfriend a year ago she had always talked about wanting to move to Florida to start over. To get away from her crap life here but then we started dating and she stopped. I asked her friends and they all Reassured me that she has been saying that for years now and not to pay it any mind. But now fast forward, a year and she’s decided to do it again. But this time she bought the plane ticket. After talking all night good and bad she finally admitted that she loves me more and wanted to stay with me and just was confused. So I thought it was all over.
But then We went out that night with my daughter and I could noticeably tell that she was disconnected all night. When I asked her about what was wrong she finally admitted that she still confused and that she doesn’t know if she could do this. But I don’t understand if she wants to move to Florida To start all over with no job prospect no life no future just a fresh start. But to do that she has to give up everything she has here including me and the family that we were trying to start and we had always talked about. I feel betrayed. What should I do do I walk away before she flies away do I try hard to prove that she staying here she said she want to stay here but her actions and mood seem to say differently.

she's 27 no kids
im 43 with a live in daughter of 9yrs old
she has nothing keeping her here but me and i can't move to florida because of my daughter
Moving away. Let he go or prove thats it wrong?
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