Shall I move on ?

I have been speaking to this guy for 2 weeks we met on a dating site , we clicked straight away and have been chatting non stop. On the phone I feel like the conversation flows less than over text he seems deader over the phone but it’s still good Convo ! Anyways I have never been in a relationship , he told me early on he has been divorced he is 28. He said his ex wife turned out to be a psycho and just did not respect him / tried to brainwash everyone against him. He seems
geninue. A few days ago he asked me if I still had the app we met on as I told him I deleted it , he said he just wanted to check with me as his ex wife gave time trust issues so he didn’t want it repeating. I don’t know whether to just move on , I sort of cba with his baggage but we do get along
Shall I move on ?
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