I think my boyfriend has been cheating on me, on and off for a year? Does he love her?

It started over a year ago.
He was friends with a girl & I know he cheated on me with her a few times. He doesn’t know I know about it - I only found out after they ended things. I saw the messages they’d sent & they both said it was wrong, unfair on me & I didn’t deserve to be treated this way. But I saw the texts he sent to her saying he thought about her all the time & asking her what he should do? For a while after, he deleted her off Snapchat & everything between us seemed a bit better. I was obviously hurt & angry but we have a son so I wanted it to work between us & leave it in the past, so I didn’t mention it.
I thought things were better between us, until I walked into his work & she was there! She works at the local eatery & he still gets his food delivered! So he still saw her almost daily. I’ve even seen him walk past her work & look in through the window (I’m guessing looking for her.)
I’ve also seen that just before Christmas last year, he was on the phone to her late at night & a few hours later he had text her saying he had a great night & it was lovely to see her & said how much he’d missed her. I don’t know for sure but I’m guessing he met up with her. This also means he added her back on Snapchat at some point. I text her ‘pretending’ to be him to try & catch them out but she seemed confused & didn’t know what I was talking about. He found out & stopped talking to her again for a little while.
Recently I’ve found out that he has been ordering from her workplace again & has been seeing her almost everyday! Then he text her again two nights ago (when I was asleep) but I didn’t see what they were saying.
I love him & we have a family - so I don’t want to end it with him but this isn’t right! Judging by the messages I’ve seen & the fact she is ‘technically’ only doing her job by delivering his food... it seems like it’s more him than it is her. But he is still with me and our son! What do you think this means? Do you think he has feelings for her?
I think my boyfriend has been cheating on me, on and off for a year? Does he love her?
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