Why won’t he give us a chance?

I met this guy through a mutual friend shortly after moving to a new state. We really hit it off but then I lost my job and i told him I needed to figure that out before I could fully commit to him. We continued talking and hanging out while I was job hunting and building friendships in my new city. I found a job after two months of searching and then suddenly he stopped talking to me and when I confronted him about it he told me he just couldn’t be in a relationship with me because I didn’t prioritize it while I was going through figuring my life out. We had a conversation about why I needed to prioritize sorting my life out first because I felt I couldn’t be a good partner until that was done. He said he can’t move past the last couple of months as more than friends and that his mind will never change. Why won’t he give us a chance?
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Is there really no chance he will change his mind down the road?
Why won’t he give us a chance?
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