Confusing relationship?

So I'm 15 and I'm currently in a relationship its been 2 months now, He is always calling me perfect, always calling me beautiful. He is always loving on me, being there to wipe my tears, there when I'm sad and is very protective. Says he's obsessed with me, always saying I love you. Sounds like a dream right?


His names Marshal and I went through his phone the other day and found a message of him and his recent ex, he had broke up with her because he wanted to play video games, and said " genuinely loved you I just got bored of you." I sat there like "Wtf?" how do I know he isn't gonna do this to me? I dug deeper and he never usually deletes messages but his ex Peyton her number was in his phone, but of course, the messages were deleted, which I found extremely suspicious, I've already been shattered by a guy who did the "friends with benefits" crap on me... What should I do? He's so sweet, but behind closed doors, I'm scared to be shattered again. As my family says I have issues and I do not think my heart could handle that.
Confusing relationship?
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