Are these classic signs of a cheater? What is this?

Accuses you of cheating all the time in everything you do no matter what.

Gets upset and breaks up with you , blocks your number and comes back after a month sobbing stating they miss you and love you to death , they hate that they are in love with you.

If suspected of cheating , they will try to come by your house by demanding to pick you up OR stating that they want to talk to you in person only not through text.

Stating that they love you too much. Telling they love you every other day or week up to 2-4 times via text.

Saving old texts and arguments from 6-8 months ago and not getting go of any evidence of you.

Suspicious that if you are eating you are with someone else and saying , “ there’s always someone else and you can just go out and get anybody can’t you , there’s probably men waiting in line for you right “?

Stating that they know you love them and then the next day you are accused of something despite them stating that they think you love them. Lol

Breaking up for 3 weeks (mutual break up ) and sleeping with a girl from the past. Contacting you after that stating that you only slept with that person during the break up and want nothing more to do with them.

Making statements such as I want to marry you in the future if we could get things right together.

Grabbing you to stop you from leaving their home. When you leave receiving many texts at once stating they love you.

Are these signs of a classic cheater and what to do?

This person is 37.
Are these classic signs of a cheater? What is this?
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