It is rude to tell your ex you don't have time for them?

It is rude to tell your ex you dont have time for them?
As some of you know, I'm currently helping out my ex with her issues and problems.
Today she called me asking if I had the time to go to her for something but I told her I don't have the time today. It's not an excuse: I have to go out with my girlfriend for shopping and other stuff, I was thinking about visiting my mom for a coffee late this afternoon and tonight my girlfriend and I are going to a party.
Maybe I should have made some time for my ex?
What about you?
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I admit I feel a little bad about it because she sounded genuinely saddened and stammered a little, but I don't really have the time today.
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So I talked about this with my girlfriend. Turned out "her blood boils" everytime I go to my ex. She said she wants me to answer her calls when I'm with her not because she's worried I'll cheat, but because she fears that if my ex tries tries something and I tell her no, she could go mental and hurt me or herself. So we agreed I'll meet her a last time then cut her off.
It is rude to tell your ex you don't have time for them?
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