Will he come back again?

I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 4 years now, for the first 3 years, we had the most healthiest relationship, 50/50 in everything, he’s my best friend and we’ve helped eachother through a lot.

The past few months we’ve broke up a couple times and then got back together, because of his mental health mostly, his career is extremely overwhelming and he has a lot of pressures.

We got back together a month or 2 ago, he text me last Friday after being distant with me for a week, and said that he doesn’t know what he wants from life anymore, he feels like he doesn’t know himself anymore, and he’s overwhelmed with so many things. He said at first he wasn’t breaking up with me, this was all discussed over a text, he said he can’t do it over text again.

I asked him if were still together and he said until we both sort ourselves out he can’t do this anymore. We haven’t spoke in a week and haven’t seen eachother in two weeks, he flies out to America tomorrow for his career for 4 days so I thought we would’ve spoke before that.

Please any advice would be welcome
Will he come back again?
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