How could a loving, caring woman, turncoat so quickly?

How can a woman go from, head-over-heels, unquestionably in love, with there fiance of over four years one day, and 3 months later, she's so miserable, that she can't stand the sound of his voice, or very sight of him, so she has no choice but to look out for her own happiness, and move on?

I can speculate all day on the reasons, but what I'm wanting to know, is how, plain and simple. It seems unfathomable to me...

I know mistakes were made on both sides of the equation, but damnit when I say, "I love you" better believe, that feeling didn't happen overnight, and it definitely ain't gonna go away for long while. I was quite the player in my younger days before I met her, but damn she cold blooded... Which is completely out of character for her in general. She was never the 'strong willed' or 'emotionless' type. Never in my life would I have thought she was capable of doing that.

If she wasn't happy and wanted out, I can accept that. But I'll never understand how she could flip the switch so fast...

Any insight?
How could a loving, caring woman, turncoat so quickly?
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