Would you leave the person you love if you can no longer trust them?

I don’t know if he cheated on me or not but he did crossed the line a couple of times throughout our relationship. In my eyes, he has no limits or boundaries when it comes to his friendship with his best friend (who happened to be his ex) I just don’t feel comfortable with him being too close to her. (To the point staying in a hotel room together but with separate single beds) Plus, she doesn’t like me at all because she still have feelings for him. How did I know? She harassed me couple of times through messages and calls that she still loves him during our first year together. Till this day she post pictures of them hanging out with thought provoking captions.

I told him about that. He said I’m crazy for overthinking and overreacting because he’s just friends with her and that they reached to the point where they accepted each other as friends and nothing more. But having dinner together, lunch together, hiking and grocery shopping together, going to each other’s house making food together almost every day.. I just don’t feel good about this, you know?

Am I really that stupid to overthink things? I really need your opinion on this. They’re both now working at the same place together. And I’m all the way in a different country. I tried breaking up with him, but he keeps wanting me back. He was never going to give up on me.
Would you leave the person you love if you can no longer trust them?
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