Does it seem like I moved on too fast?

Last Thursday, My boyfriend broke up in the most disrespectful manner with me, I handled it poorly. I got into a car accident and he didn't help me out. I left, and texted him we were still friends (it was a promise we made prior to the relationship) and he replied with a lot of apologizing on his part for the stuff he did to me.
I have been really disrespectful to be honest. But that’s because I wasn’t in full control of my emotions. He was my first relationship. I mean I post on social media like nothing happened, I went out with my friends on the day of the break up because i couldn’t handle it. I have been going out with friends ever since we broke up. My mom helped me with that because I was truly devastated and unhappy. I stopped eating and sleeping but yesterday I started to get back to my daily life. He’s been seeing my friends’ ig stories and I believe he thinks I moved on too fast on him like he never happened..
I never answered back to his text.. It’s so heavy.. I don’t know if I come off as uncaring to his feelings. I am afraid of him thinking that he meant nothing to me. I stopped posting stuff but he still sees how im living through my friends.. is that a bad thing for me? I mean do i look bad in his eyes now?
Does it seem like I moved on too fast?
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