Y are guys so unloyal and so manipulative at times like they always got to have everything their way like it's okay to go cheat on their girlfriend wth hookers d escorts and if the girl was to do the exact same it would be over or she would get her ass beat or something bad as usual they always got to have the uper hand nd control of everything even some womans emotions ots like we r puppets at times when they want to pull strings to make us react to their bs or to be in a certain emotional state so the whole day is ruined and things dont go as planned so that they can go and spend time with other woman or younger girls to have me with nd cheat nd come home after nd exspect the gurl to be loyal or its over or what ever they want to do with the relationship like if the gurl wasn't so loyal maybe she would have fun nd go nd do the same on these days but it's not right nd it hurts to cheat nd b with someone else maybe that's y some men are so grumpy nd hate everything including lifecuz they can't live with their selves with their consensus constantly eating at them everytime they look into their mains eyes nd why do they got to be like this why can't it b always equal in a relationship nd why does the girl always got to be a jellyfish nd let them men get away with throwing that shit in her face then acting like he loves he after like he did nothing wrong just to make her look likea dumb b all over town nd keeps doing it with a number of gurlsnd woman nd then denies it eve thouthere area number of woman claiming they have his child in their bellys nd never wears condoms u kno that 100% nd he always cums like 10 times during sex nd tells u too nd then between sex he acts like he did it by accident and like as if u dont take it like that all the time nd it's not our first time like why does he even act like that nd play that rool like hello we have been together for 2 years now almost nd u pretending ur accedemlty bustongnuts in me fuwk does it got to be so painful thisThing "love?
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