How to save my marriage?

We’ve been together 30 months and married 8 months. Tonight he took me to a quiet park and calmly told me he doesn’t want to live together anymore so when our lease is up in 6 weeks he’s going to find his own place to live. This all started 2 weeks ago when I brought my 3 year old niece over on a Friday night without asking him first. He got irritated and went to a hotel because he said he was looking forward to a peaceful night and going to bed early so he could rest for his Saturday morning hike. But my niece needs to sleep in our bed or cries all night. He’s been avoiding me ever since. Not answering my texts. Working late. Just hanging out in his car after the gym until I fall asleep then he comes home and sleeps on the couch.

And he has always been so calm. Never raised his voice at me. Until night when I begged him to stay with me. He totally flipped out and yelled at me to just leave him alone and he’s tried of me not listening to him about needing me to help keep the apartment clean and not constantly asking him what we’re doing for the weekend and that I need to stop sitting on my ass all day watching TV wasting money on a gym membership and never going to the gym and I’ve gained 75 lbs.

He’s sad I mad at me. I don’t understand. He was just the most loving husband until this incident with my niece. It’s like every time I try to reach out to him he gets super angry.
How to save my marriage?
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