Blocked me but still liking my pics?

Things ended with us over 2 months ago, I instantly removed him as a friend on social media (to help move on). He blocked me on Facebook after I unfriended him. I went NC for 50 days, by this point I had moved on and hoped we could maybe just try being friends as I did miss him as a friend.

I reached out and WhatsApped him but I never got a response, which was fine and I sort of expected it. I shrugged it off and moved on with my day, a few days later I saw his picture was missing on WhatsApp, meaning he blocked me. I thought it was a bit weird for him to do so as everything happened so long ago I didn’t think he’d still be angry (our breakup wasn’t horrible but wasn’t nice either, more civilised and short).

i had only messaged him the once so wasn’t like I was pestering him, the message was friendly and casual also. Anyways I shrugged that off also and went on with my day, today, however, he has gone and liked my Instagram post. He never liked any of my posts while we were together & he’s not big on Instagram.

What’s confusing me is his contradictory actions from blocking me and not wanting to talk to me one moment to then trying to connect with me on insta & get my attention. While I’m fine with him not wanting to be friends or on the flip side being friends, I’m not fine with this confusion. Can someone help me out why he would block me one moment then reach out to connect the next?
Blocked me but still liking my pics?
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