Do you think a lie detector test will work to prove if someone has been cheating on you?

My boyfriend, and I separated for a couple of weeks in August. During this time he told me he was seeing someone, but cut it off immediately after we got back together.

Well then his best friend started to see this same girl. His friend approached me asking me if it was okay if he brought the girl around when my boyfriend, and I were there. I told him I don’t think there is a problem with that, but I probably would like to talk to her first.

So I messaged this girl, and I asked her if we could meet up sometime to talk things through. She later told me that Jared (his friend) told her to talk to me, and that’s why she even came to meet me. From the beginning of the conversation it was evident that she hated my boyfriend. In fact she made it pretty clear there was no way she was ever going to try to coexist with my boyfriend because of Jared.

She then proceeds to tell me that the relationship she had with him was on going for 2-3 months, 2-3 times a week, and at 3 in the morning is when he would pick her up in Jared’s car.

I was so angry, and hurt when she told me all of this I didn’t even give my boyfriend a chance to explain anything. He remained persistent, and messaged me almost everyday for 2 weeks pleading his innocence.

He said he would take a lie detector test. What do you think about this situation?
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Also his friend Jared is backing him up, and told me he only let him use the car 4 times durning our break up. Jared has stopped seeing this girl now too. She told me she deleted all the messages between her and my boyfriend so she had no evidence to show me. Except a picture with a hickey she said he left on her back in August. Which was when we were separated. I ended up speaking to Jared, and my boyfriend about this at the same time. She didn’t want to sit down with all of us to talk.
Do you think a lie detector test will work to prove if someone has been cheating on you?
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