Best decision for me?

I’ve been in a relationship that’s toxic and emotionally abusive. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 years. I moved from Texas to Kansas to be with him and I don’t have any family here and barely any friends due to him controlling who I can and cannot talk to or hang out with. I don't know whether I should try and get a second job and see about staying up here or whether I should go back to Texas rent a room in my aunt house til I get on my feet and go to college there In Houston. The main thing that’s been keeping me up here is I started to like a guy I work with that was trying to help me leave my boyfriend he gave me his number to text him but I never did because he has a girlfriend. He said to offer me advice. So with that being said because he has a girlfriend should I say screw the guy and just move back to Texas.
Best decision for me?
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