I am an idiot for talking with a girl that took advantage of me?

Need some opinions on what to do... I dated this girl for about 6-7months. We were always hanging out, doing almost everything with each other. She seemed that she was interested in me by texting, video chatting, and calling me when we weren't together. We even drove across the country to pick up 2 dogs.. but throughout the time there were some red flags. She never really offered to pay for some of the meals or drinks, expensive dates, and we were never intimate with each other, we just kissed a lot. I tried to talk about with her, but she just would say that she isn't ready. At first it didn't bug me since her last boyfriend cheated on her a month before we started seeing each other.
Then finally one night, I dropped her off at her home. And when I got home she video chatted with me with another guy on the line also and she was in her lingerie. I was sooo pissed that I went over there to see why she did that. In the end she wasn't there and I scared her family.
I was through with her after that and didn't talk with her for a couple of months and avoid her at work (we worked together). Now I just left the company and also moved to a new city, and she wants to talk now. She always says that she misses me and still does some of the stuff we did when we dated. I respond back just to be nice.
But I have a few questions...1) why does she do that? And 2) should I still be talking with her? I still have feelings for her and I get irritated thinking that she is with that guy in video.
I am an idiot for talking with a girl that took advantage of me?
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