Why was I called to help?

After 4 years if dating and 7 months engaged my girlfriend broke up with me because she didn't feel like we'd make it with our religious differences. It was an extremely difficult breakup and it devastated me.
Within 8 months she married a member of her church.
It's now been 6 months since she got married, and I got a call from her work. We used to work together when we first me and I know her boss. He called me about some kind of situation, no specifics, and asked me to come down to the workplace and talk.
I arrive, and I get escorted to his office where my ex was waiting and half of her face was beaten up, along with some cuts and bruises on her arms. Apparently she got into a fight with her husband and that was the result.
She had asked for me to come down because she wanted someone she trusted to come with her to collect some things from her house.
I argued that she had her family and friends in town and her parents were a few hour plane ride away.
Her boss insisted and asked again if I would help her and she was in more tears at this point. I told him that we weren't together anymore, I didn't want to get involved. It at that point was a police issue and she had plenty of people to help her. He said he understood my side of things, and I excused myself.
My ex got up and grabbed my arm and asked me again to help her and she was completely hysterical at this point.
I tried to be calm and tell her she didn't need my help and she had plenty of family and friends to help and I walked off.

Her boss texted me later and said he wasn't upset with me, and understood why I didn't help.

Why was I called and should I have helped her?
I should have helped her
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Why was I called to help?
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