Should I meet my long distance ex during my trip?

the relationship ended about 2 months ago after we realized it's keeping us stuck on our lives, timing and context wasn't on our side.
He previously came home with me after I visited his for 2 months, and he stayed for almost a month before he decided to head back home and start college, which he's doing now.
We had agreed to keep in touch as friends and definitely meet again sometime, but as soon as he left it all got confusing and we cut contact so we could both try move on. I feel like all the things he said before leaving are now a lie, he's always been quite influenced by his dad, who doesn't like me, and his mind seemed to change as soon as he met him again, he turned cold with me. He's really focusing on studies, he said it's all he does and that his life is pretty boring.
Now I hate not talking with him, we already have the physical distance, so moving on is easier in my opinion, why not talk? He said it was hard for him, so I stepped aside, with all the pain it takes
Last time we talked I told him about my trip to Spain next month. we agreed that if I came to Europe we would meet up anywhere at least once, to see how we're doing. He asked about the flight dates and how long I'd be staying too. Thing is, I want to see him but I don't really want to ask him to meet up then bc he's being complicated at the moment, and I got tired of getting hurt and being too kind to him, its just I don't hate him, I'd like to keep him in my life and so he claimed but now he isn't showing that. Should I just completely shut him out or still be friendly?
Should I meet my long distance ex during my trip?
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