Heartbroken... still?

So we broke up 8 months ago. And I still wake up every morning feeling as if it just happened yesterday. It’s the first & last thought in my head and I have dreams about it at least 3 times a week.
He’s moved on and is in a new relationship. I haven’t even found another man attractive since let alone been touched by one. My sex drive is almost non existent. I have no drive or motivation other than making him regret leaving me but I can’t do that now bc he just unfollowed me off of everything. Every time I close my eyes I picture the pictures he's posting of him and his new girlfriend even though I couldn’t even save pictures of us without him trying to delete them. I still don’t eat at all or eat everything in sight. My skin feels like it’s burning and I can’t be alone with my own thoughts for more than 5 minutes bc I instantly start thinking about how I wasn’t good enough for him and how he just used me. But part of me still wants him despite how much of a red flag he is.
Summary, I feel totally dead inside..: and have for months when people told me it would get better in a month or so... 4 months max... well it’s been 4 ... and then 4 again and I’m still in so much pain and anxiety about it.
Heartbroken... still?
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