Why didn't he respond to the break up?

I have been seeing this guy on and off for the past six months. We got along so well and always had a great time when we were together. The problem was that his has a young child and an ex who he is still not over. In the first few months of dating, everything was wonderful until he freaked out and said he couldn't handle all these new feelings for me and that he needed space. I gave him exactly that and the past few months have been rocky going back and forth. I finally couldn't take it anymore and said that he was just wasting my time and this was going nowhere and I didn't deserve that to which he didn't even respond.

He still has a few of my things at his house which I'm hoping he will give back but it's been a week and it's been literally nothing on his end. I ended up deleting him on all social media which I guess make it final but I was expecting him to text me apologizing for everything or at least acknowledging the break up. He doesn't have the best communication skills which was another thing that really bothered me but it's making it hurt even more the fact that he is just silent like I didn't mean anything to him. Will he respond and give me my things back? I really need closure in all of this
Why didn't he respond to the break up?
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