Should I wait for her? Continue talks? #Advice?

I don't know why actually I am here and sorry for long writing

I am feeling like I am dying every moment and these thoughts are just killing me

About 6 years ago i found a girl on one app , she was totally depressed with her life even don't want to talk with anyone , we then started our conversation and it becomes a habit , we used to talk over phone , text and video calls. One day suddenly she said that she have feelings for me, at that time I was completely shocked because I have always treated her as a friend so I just said her about it and we didn't talk for a month. After month she called me and was crying over depression issue again. We started to talk again and after some months we together fall in love , now it continues for almost 2 years and we decided to meet.
Finally after all arrangements she visited me just on August 2019 and we spent 2 months together. She went back in October and now I decided to went to her in January.
All things are going well but suddenly a week before she called me and said that now she feel distance with me , wants to be alone , want a break-up , want to explore herself and so on... There is nothing between us over the years not even one argument. She now started to ingore my initiative and hesitate to talk with me.

I am sorry for long writing but I am just feeling very low , my thoughts are getting into me daily like to jump from somewhere, don't know what is happening to my small dreams. I don't want to be with anyone else as now I can't able to text or talk same things with someone.
I know there is no one in her life yet then why suddenly she did it?

What should I do?
Should I wait for her?
Will she come back?

These thoughts just breaking me every day
Should I wait for her? Continue talks? #Advice?
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