Omg I am so lost on this one!!! He pretended to fall asleep?

My boyfriend and I seldom fight. Last month out of the blue we got in a random argument and he broke up with me over messenger bc I was to much drama and I hadn’t done anything. So I said ok I’ll bring your debit card to you and he said no, tomorrow, I’m tired. Well I said you don’t get a rain check on a breakup and I don’t hang on to my ex boyfriends debit card. So I drove over there n told him to come get his debit card. He wouldn’t come up. Well long story short by end of day he changed it to not breaking up to very soon after. Since then I have been riddled with wondering why that happened and I cannot figure out why. It’s causing me major insecurity. He just started working a new job 60hrs a week now and I barely see him and he sees me for a few minutes after then just goes straight home n it’s been that way for 3 Weeks now. He did just get sober off of alcohol and he swears he’s not cheating and bedroom stuff isn’t working due to bp meds.. he says he’s not unhappy and not isolating. Anyway so after many reassurances from him I think I’m doubting my feelings I went to go talk to him and he acted like he was tired n sleepy n wouldn’t look at me. I Looked him in the eyes and asked how he would feel if I wanted to break up and he said sad. But wouldn’t look at me and said I worried too much. What is everyone’s view?
Omg I am so lost on this one!!! He pretended to fall asleep?
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