Confronting my ex?

So my FIRST ( the love of my life) boyfriend broke up with me after dating for almost 7 months. We never fought and he was hella sweet. 2 weeks age he told me that he didn't want to be in relationship at the moment and just wants to be friends but still loves me. That same day my friend that has homeroom him told me that he told his whole class how he felt relieved that we broke up. Then his sister tells me that he also said that he's been losing feeling for weeks, was waiting me to change, and that he likes another girls. Few days later my friend over hears him telling his group of friends that he regrets our whole relationship. THEN ( FML) his best friend tells me that he NEVER had feeling for me. To be honest, I thought he left me because I wouldn't open up and I didn't tell him why I keep try to kill myself but now everyone is telling me all this things and I so confessed. I want to confront him about this thing but I having a really hard time trying to find the right words and how to approach him now. I'm really fucking stuck right now... help?

Confronting my ex?
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