Ex boyfriend is texting me again?

It has been two months since we’ve broken up and we’ve been inconsistently texting each other but have not talked for the past two weeks. He texted me out of nowhere to ask how I was doing? And we have been talking since then and had a platonic friendship since our breakup but no efforts to hang out. Recently, I went to a formal with another guy as my date and my ex was also there and we talked for a bit at the social but I didn’t think anything would happen. But then, I got missed calls from him after I got home and I called him back and he suddenly wanted to hang out? Saying “I wish we could have talked more and you know I want to see you.” I ended up hooking up with him but the confusing thing is he told me that he didn’t like seeing me with my date and when I asked him what he wanted out of this he said that he would still like to talk and miss hanging out with me but didn’t have time to “commit.” But he knows that I don’t do friends with benefits so I didn’t really know what he was trying to get at. I met up with him the next day to talk about it more because I didn’t want it happening again because I didn’t want to get more confused and didn’t want things to get more complicated for us like all the things that has happened after the break up (he hooked up with another person a day after we broke up and ended up sending me a massive apology about it). He told me that he understood that it should be a one time thing but added “yeah you can go and hook up with your date or whoever” and seemed really upset and defensive about it even though he told me that he also felt that the whole thing confused him too? What’s his deal? And should I even consider talking to him again because I don’t want him to think that I’m actively sleeping around because I’m not? And what are the chances that he will try to talk to me again because he’s always been the initiator in conversations whenever we see each other at school or over text.
Ex boyfriend is texting me again?
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