Should I delete my ex off social media? Ex wants to remain friends?

My ex and I have recently broke up after 2 years. This was a long distance relationship. When we had the chance to be with eachother things were amazing and we planned that some day we will move in together. I've always thought that this would vome true some day maybe evem this upcoming new year but she didn't feel like it would happen and felt as if i were holding her back in life. She tells me she didn't want to be in a relationship with anyone at this moment and needs to figure herself out. I of course was very hurt and surprised at her decision as our relationship seemed to be good. We rarely fought and we talked every day and making plans for our next visit. It seems like her mind was made up so i dont see her wanting to come back to me at least of yet. She says this is best for the both of us and she will forever keep me in her heart and hopes to remain friends and she is always there if she needs me. I want to remain friends too but i dont feel like i can move on and having her on social media. I asked her if she could just delete me so that I wouldn't have to do it. She told me no she can't do that but I was free to do it if thats what I wanted. I never wanted to lose her, she was my lover and my best friend. I really dont have anyone else to talk to about this so im hoping i can get some advice.
Should I delete my ex off social media? Ex wants to remain friends?
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