Is my ex over us?

Been 4 months since we broke up. When we broke up, I unfortunately miscarried. I told him and he said he’d be there, just a text away. I gave us time to heal and I didn’t text him until 2 weeks ago. I’ve noticed he’s been excessively stalking me via social media and deleted me on a lot of things the second he saw I’d a new man.

He ignores me in public even though we were together 3 years. We graduated together on Tuesday and in my drunk state, I decided to congratulate him that night. He was super awkward and didn’t know how to talk to me. I noticed that he wasn’t having a good night whatsoever.
After the night ended, we spoke outside about miscarrying. I asked why he had not replied to my text to which he said “because I didn’t want to” and he then roared at me that I need to move on because he has. (Even though I’ve a new boyfriend but ok).

He then broke down and was trying not to cry and goes “You don’t know how hard it’s been for the last few months. My life has been so hard, you don’t understand how difficult it’s been” and I thought someone had died so asked what happened, and then he goes “You can’t just delete 3 years of a relationship, it was a long time, I can’t just forget things” and I replied “I’m sorry I’ve no empathy, you chose to end it”. He then snapped back and got thick again & goes “Yeah because I needed to do it and I’m happier without you” and got mean again. He said that he’s already moved on and that he’s “fine now”, even though he’d just been crying. This was then when I proceeded to say I have a boyfriend and he goes “that’s good for you I’m delighted” all angrily.

It ended on a bad note but he said he’d call me the next day about the miscarriage and we’d finally sort everything out. He didn’t though, he let me down once again.

My fam and friends are saying that because
i said I’d no sympathy for how hard he’s found the breakup, that’s why he got angrier. They think it shows he’s not over me and is struggling. What are your thoughts?
Is my ex over us?
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