What does all this mean? is he willing to stay or is he going to dump me? what would you do?

so.. i got drunk and sent nudes (topless) to a random guy because i wanted someone to see how crazy great they were. there was no dirty talk or anything and i didn’t ask for anything back. this was a one time thing and i didn’t intend for anything to go any further. i cried when sober after i remembered what i’d done, for 3 nights straight because how could i do something so idiotic and cruel to my guy? anyway, i was going to tell my fiance about it because i tell him everything but he ended up snooping and finding out himself moments before (he’s never gone through my phone before but i don’t mind because i have nothing to hide). he wants to break up with me, took off his ring and everything. his birthday was the next day and he invited me out with them but i was too devastated. when he got home we talked for an hour about how he wants to break up because he had a small feeling for a long time that we wouldn’t work out (we’ve been fighting for a few months). i told him every relationship eventually fizzles out and just like with any family member, you’re gonna fight with them. i know couples who’ve had rough patches for way longer than us and are still very happy and got through them. he told me my cheating incident isn’t why he wants to end it but that he doesn’t want to be with me anymore because of it. but he said he doesn’t want to break up, he wants to be with me, he’s still madly in love with me, but devastated and doesn’t want to marry me anymore. i told him to really think about it because we’re pretty strong and deeply in love and i wouldn’t want something so great to end over a dumb mistake i caused. anyway, now im confused. last night i asked if i could touch him and he said “of course”. so when we went to sleep, he held me all night. and this morning (he gets up super early for work which wakes me up) he squeezed me really tight and it sounded like he was muffling his crying in a pillow. he got up and he put his ring back on his finger.. meaning?
What does all this mean? is he willing to stay or is he going to dump me? what would you do?
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