Is He Lying About Being In A Relationship?

A guy that I was talking to for about a month cut contact with me after I said that I didn’t want to have sex with him so soon. He said that he doesn’t want a relationship right now and that he did like me, but he wanted to focus on school. I respected his decision and thought that was the end of things. I was disappointed because we had a great connection but I was happy that we ended things before I got too attached.

Two days after cutting contact, he texted me out of the blue and said that the entire time we had been talking, he said a girlfriend and that he never actually liked me. I’m having a hard time believing this because he seemed so invested in me and my life. We went on several dates and spent a lot of time together. But most importantly, I felt that his comments were very unnecessary and petty since we had already cut contact... Why would he do this?
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Why would he keep talking to me if all he wanted was sex? He knew that I didn’t want that. There are plenty of girls on campus that would give him what he wants...
Is He Lying About Being In A Relationship?
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