Will he forgive me?

About 2 months ago my boyfriend of 5 years and I broke up. We were best friends for 10 years and I love him so much. We had a massive argument that started because we decided to have a break to focus on our careers and I kissed someone at a party and he said “your not meant to get with other people during a break” It blew up and then he heard me talk about him behind his back. I called him “dumb” which I shouldn’t have done and was a bitch thing to do but I was just angry when it was his idea to break up in the first place and if he wanted me he could have just said. The reason he got so annoyed at me calling him dumb is because In school he was always the stereotypical “popular, dumb, handsome jock” but because I was quite nerdy he used to always try and impress me by knowing about atoms or something. He packed his car after he confronted me for talking about him and I went out after him and said “so that’s it? Your leaving?” And he looked at me and, nodded and went “it’s sad you know, I really thought we were best friends” and I started tearing up and said “sorry” and then he went “I would have taken a bullet for you” and then he got in the car and left. I haven’t seen him for two months but his friends say he misses me so is it worth trying to get in contact with him again?
Will he forgive me?
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