Did my ex do this to get my attention?

my ex-boyfriend broke up with me 6 weeks ago. Basically, he was stressed about everything in life and said he couldn't cope with anything. He was so lovely to me before he got stressed (new job, new house, family problems), but when he was stressed he started taking it out on me. When we broke up he was quite nasty and said he would post my things back to me (so obviously he didn't want to see me again).

We spoke for 3 weeks (ish) after the break up. I tried to be very understanding and nice to him, and we would do stuff like have 5 hour phone calls and text. But, he was blowing hot and cold - sometimes he would ignore me.

So I decided that I couldn't cope with contact any more and just stopped talking to him. It's been nearly 3 weeks, he's text me three times - all about arranging to get my stuff saying stuff like "I don't mean to bother you (pet name), but let me know and I'll sort it out for you straight away"

I haven't replied, because it's not stuff I need, and I can't move on when I'm speaking to him.

Anyway, he's uploaded a picture I took of him on a day out over summer on Instagram with the caption "don't know what I miss more. summer or ice lollies"

... do you think this is an indirect way of getting to me or am I overthinking it?

My ex definitely knows I took that picture, because you can see my hand resting on his shoulder. Him pairing with "I don't know what I miss more" makes me think he misses me?
Did my ex do this to get my attention?
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