My ex said he needed me so why won’t he text?

My boyfriend and I broke up a month ago. I didn’t take it well because he was great. He would drive 2 hours for me, which is why we broke up ( long distance ). He asked me how I thought we were doing and he said the distance was really hard for him. After a few days I texted him that I missed talking to him and he said he missed talking to me too. And he asked “what do you want us to be? and I told him I wanted to make it work and he kept saying I don't know then he said that maybe if I had a CAR then it would. We have met up since the breakup and kissed ( he gave me a hickey ) after I told him a guy invited me out and he seemed kinda jealous. We were gonna be friends with benefits but I only agreed bc I wanted him in my life but I told him I didn’t want sex bc I still had feelings and he said he understood. 2 weeks ago I texted him that “I missed his d” and he was like “I thought we decided that wasn’t what we wanted lol” and I told him I didn’t want sex but still missed playing around. And he didn’t answer. I’m getting over him but Ig I’m just confused bc he still views all my Sc’s. Our houses are 15 minutes apart ( we live in the same city ) so it’s not an issue for me. My parents bought me a car and I put it on Sc and he saw and didn’t say anything which is kinda why we broke up and the issue is fixed. I’m on break and he’s coming home and I don't know if he’ll ask to meet up. I post stuff on Sc all the time and he sees everything , does he have feelings left? He said I was everything he needed the only reason why I’m hesitant is because since we broke up I’m always texting first but he does keep the convo going. I just posted on Sc at 10 pm and he viewed it within seconds , it’s Thanksgiving today so I’m not gonna text but since I’m in town I thought about texting him but i don’t wanna give him power but I also don’t wanna suffer... I know he misses me! What should I do?
My ex said he needed me so why won’t he text?
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