My boyfriend is clingy and annoying me?

My boyfriend of a month now is clingy and annoying at least I feel like it.
When we hang out he tells me he loves me every second it feels like..
here's a example.. Im watching TV
Him “baby I love you”
Me “I love you too..”
ten minutes later...
Him “BABY I just LOVE you SOOO much!”
Me “I love you too.. haha”
couple minutes later..
Him “ your so beautiful I love you!”
Me “thanks”.. and that just keeps happening over and over and over...

Like he says it ALL the time and that annoys me.

The other day I told him I was in a bad mood and that I wanted to be left alone, I had to tell him THREE times that I wanted to be left alone! before he finally did! I just felt that was really rude!

Now.. I've been single for 2years and I got used to being single and living by myself.

Now he wants to be with me ALL the time! Im NOT used to this!

I dont really like cuddling with him.. Like Im constantly pushing him off of me!
I dont know why I feel this way! I don’t want to hurt his feelings! But he really really annoys me and I feel bad because he would seriously give me the world! I dont know what to do because he likes me so much.
I want to be in a relationship but i’m not sure if I actually do? Maybe i’m just better off alone.. I don’t want to be annoyed with him.

What should I do? End it?
Why am I like this?
My boyfriend is clingy and annoying me?
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