Ex-Girlfriend Asking To Hangout After Three Months Post Breakup?

I really just need to know if it is a good idea to accept her “hang out” request after being broken up for three months. Long story short, I had a Concussion back in June and I ended up with Post Concussion Syndrome which is a debilitating long term Concussion. I’m still suffering from it today but I am much more functional than I previously was. After my Concussion I became a recluse. I stopped talking to my girlfriend, I couldn’t go out and do anything with her because I was so sick, we could never have sex, and because of my terrible mood swings we argued a lot and we ended up feeling more like roommates than romantic partners. At that time we were dating for about a year, and after three months of putting up with a sub par relationship she broke up with me in September. I feel partly guilty that I didn’t treat her well during my Concussion but at the same time I couldn’t tend to her needs or be the boyfriend she wanted me to be because of it.

Now we are three months post breakup and we talk occasionally. Maybe once a week telling each other to have a good week, but nothing beyond that. My health is steadily improving. I don’t have any mood issues anymore, I can be physical and do activities to an extent but I have a threshold that I sometimes hit and need to stop those activities. If we did hang out I think it would be fun and a good time to catch up but I do still have feelings for her. I wanted to try to make the relationship work again whenever I completely recovered. I wanted to show her I overcame my illness and sorted through my problems so I could treat her like I should have treated her before. So maybe I should wait until I’m completely ready and healed? Or do you think it’s a good idea to hang out now and leave a good impression on her for the future? I might be overthinking this but I really want to do what’s best for a future relationship if there will be one. Thank you:)
Ex-Girlfriend Asking To Hangout After Three Months Post Breakup?
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