Please be quickly responsive: EX is confused about his decision?

EX broke up last month. Came back+said he didn’t want to lose me&thought he could get over me, but started drugs to feel better even though we were together for only 2 months+had been close friends for a year. he felt lost&said that he needs me. I said why did u let me go. He said bec we were different people +opposites never attract. he said that I had small flaws in my personality that made him feel guilty. he didn’t want to lose me as a friend. He wanted us to become friends like we were. He told me not to cry because that’ll make him weak.. he kissed me twice on my upper lip lightly& lingered a little. I said if he wanted friendship-kissing me is wrong. He also kissed me on my forehead several times, and on my hands twice. He grabbed my hand a lot as I sobbed. I said we should cut off contact for me to be able to see him as a friend bec I need to get over it. He flipped out+ said i will never be back. He asked how long, I said for as long as it takes to feel better.
when I got home he texted me saying he’s not sure whether or not he made the right decision. I said I respected his decision even if it meant that we won't be together. He said he needed me by his side I said I won’t leave, he also said he’s my man+ will remain that forever&that I am his lover, sister, mother and best friend& that he knows i was the only person who truly cared about him + was worried about him. He said he loved me several times. BUT he told my friend earlier that he wanted nothing more than friendship. She thinks he said that only bec he doubted she told me everything. I promised I will be back, but I don’t think I’ll be able to.. I think he lost me. He was too selfish with me, he said I did nothing drastic to ruin the relationship. He had been hurt from other women&has built a wall around himself for protection. He’s a big selfish taker, I am a HUGE supporter and giver. He knows& says that.

Is there a chance that he might come back? What did the kiss mean?
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He will let you go even if he knows you were his biggest support system
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Please be quickly responsive: EX is confused about his decision?
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