Filed for divorce, ex husband now calls constantly, what can I do without hurting him further?

2 years ago I attempted suicide. I did not want to be married anymore, I was unhappy. I didn't know how to tell my husband that I did not want to be with him, I didn't believe in divorce. He has some sexual issues (he tried to force me into it when I didn't want to or try to take it from me while I was sleeping) Some people are ok with these things, I have been previously raped and had expressed many times, that this was not acceptable to me. He did not stop, to the point where I no longer wanted anything to do with him. I left and told him I needed to figure out myself. I stayed gone and visited a couple times in between. I finally cracked and told him that I wanted a divorce. I told him that I could not be intimate the way he needed me to be. I was not even I was straight anymore, I've been completely turned off by men (not been turned on by the opposite gender either though). While I was gone, he would constantly send me dirty messages. I had told him before I left that all I felt like was just someone he would use (he would kinda be mean to me, unless I gave him sex, I would also have to give in, in order to even go on a date with him somewhere). This created something very toxic for me, but I was raised very old fashioned and my mom always taught me to make the husband happy.
Fast forward, I finally got the courage to ask him for a divorce. He accepted, he told me if thats what would make me happy, he would let me go. He signed the papers. Now he calls me non stop and texts me all day. He constantly tells me he loves me, asks if im having an affair, and he still sends me dirty text messages (A LOT). I am trying soo hard not to hurt him. I had a hard enough time with this as it is and now its like nothing is changing. I can't move on at all when I feel like he's treating me like his wife. I feel guilty. I don't want to fall down that dark place again where suicide is my only way out. What can I do?
If I ignore him, he will end up showing up at my house.
Filed for divorce, ex husband now calls constantly, what can I do without hurting him further?
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