How Do You Get Over From a Very Painful Breakup?

I've known this guy since January. We had spent a lot of memories together such as mountain, beach, hospital, watching movies, his birthday and intimate moments. I thought our relationship would last long because we cannot bare not seeing each other. Until such time my family goes in into our relationship, they decline to my boyfriend because of his past mistakes. However, I fight for him, I do everything to be with him. I fight the whole world just to be with him. I care for him so much because I love him. However, he was too scared to my family and he ran away to another City.

It was somehow hard for us because as I said it is hard for us to be apart. I was starting to think about moving in with him in another City however I don't have any money yet. I cried over him through phone saying how come you just left me all alone and never care about me? He promised he will get back to me and try to earn some money first. After a month and a half of being apart, I never thought he would come back. We move in together and I thought we will start living together but he said he needs to go back to earn money. He said he lives with many boys in another city.

Late in Holiday time, I keep calling my boyfriend because I was missing him so much.
He won't take my calls but still, I keep trying calling, calling and calling him. Until he picked up the phone and asked into a hard tone voice, what do you want? I told him I only call because I miss him. We talk for a few minutes. However, 15 minutes later someone chatted with me on Facebook. It was a girl and asking Who Am I? And how I am related to Him? She said my HE lives with her since July (Two weeks after he left me another city). I ask my boyfriend if who is this girl? And why he lied that he lives with many boys? He said she is just a good friend who helps him a lot.
2 mo
can't stop crying every night and I am really losing my mind.
How Do You Get Over From a Very Painful Breakup?
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