Why would he text this?

So a guy I’ve been seeing for a month asked me to be his girlfriend and told me he loved me on on Friday while at his brothers house randomly. I believe it was a lie and he may be messing around with his ex still although he denied it on the phone. He started ignoring me Wednesday and said he would meet up Sunday to discuss our relationship. He was acting funny like saying he couldn’t see me Saturday because he had to go shopping and not returning some calls and texts on Wednesday night/Thursday morning (Thanksgiving) so I said this must be his way of ending the relationship. I made no contact with him since then. He made no contact until this morning with a “Hi! Hope you have a good day.” in which I didn’t reply after 4 full days. What is his deal and how could he be so cruel after vanishing? He has to know I’m hurting. Also I never did anything but love him.
Why would he text this?
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