He came at night again?

As I figured out he’s still on Tinder, everything started making sense to why he was acting that way. I moved out, threw key in the mailbox, sent him an its over message and blocked him. (1 pm)

At around 7 pm he called me from another number, I blocked that too. He appeared in front of my house at 8:30 pm (he finishes work at 3:30-4). See a huge gap there. If he really cared he would come immediately. So yeah he was knocking on my window, ringing bells for 2 hours straight. My parents were getting angry so they told him to stop. They had a small talk. He requested me to come down as he will wait 15 more minutes and I didn’t come. I even fell asleep lightly. He left at midnight or so.

I still can’t believe how those that are the closest to you hurt you the most. How can he even think I’ll want to talk after finding out about Tinder? My trust is broken, he most likely cheated. Do you assume he will stop now or come again? But really at night as it’s so disrespectful. I bet he never loved me. I feel betrayed. 😔
He came at night again?
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10 mo
Ok so he just created a WhatsApp to message me now. He’s claiming that he can’t do anything without me, he didn’t go to work.

Only reason he didn’t go to work is cause he stayed up so late waiting knocking on my door and didn’t get his beauty 8 hours of sleep. Does he really think I’m that dumb. My decision is final, he was on Tinder, no explaination needed.
10 mo
He logged on Tinder last Sunday with intention to forget me cause I said I’m gone? He realised after few hrs he can’t. So he deleted it?

He told me about him being insecure in the past, not getting women, feeing ugly. He was virgin for so long, he lost it to hoe at a club, met some more girls but nothing never. When he met me he had everything. He lied to me that he was a fboy, cause he thought I won’t accept him otherwise? (It’s a long paragraph). I’m still not convinced because of TINDER!!
He came at night again?
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