How do I make friends and move on after my fiance dumped me?

my fiancé broke up with me last night. we’d been talking about it for a week but it actually happened last night. we’re both still in love but he can’t handle the responsibility of being someone’s romantic partner at this stressful time in his life and just wants to be friends. we were together for two years, and he was the absolute love of my life. im devastated but feeling much better than i thought i would. anyway, online articles tell me to keep busy and go out, surround myself with friends. except i don’t have any friends at all. just online acquaintances i chat with on snapchat and such. im not comfortable enough with anyone to facetime or have phonecalls, i think that’s too intimate and i only did that with my fiance and my mother. i don’t have a car so i cannot travel, im in my 20s and being controlled by my mother still who won’t even let me use her car to get my license. so i can’t get a job. i go to online school and im in my last year of university, my family pretty much sucks. i only have and talk to my mother. and she’s a crazy woman in her late 60s who has only been with men to get something for herself. (she doesn’t understand the meaning of true love and thinks i need to stop being sad about my breakup that just happened hours ago). my little sister lives in california across the country and my older brother is an almost 50 year old man child who just cracks dumb jokes 24/7. my father died when i was 6. i really have no one. my fiancé was the only person i had and he was my best friend. im really stuck and i don’t know what to do or where to go from here. any tips at all?
How do I make friends and move on after my fiance dumped me?
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