My long distance ex texts me over "favors" too often, what are his intentions?

Some weeks ago he texted me twice, once over a retainer he forgot at home months ago and wants me to send over post (just get a new one bro) super random. I replied friendly (I do still love him but I keep my distance) and he simply made the chat short. The 2nd time he asked again for a favor and I replied without putting an effort in keeping the chat going, though I did tell him this kind of texts confuse me and that I'd rather have nicer chats or just not talk at all cause I do still miss him at times. He didn't reply.

Now he knows I'm travelling, quite near him, and he texted me this week telling me his whatsapp is broken, also asking if the trip is going well and bout the retainer again. I answered I'm doing good and that I sent the thing already, he sent me best wishes and then I asked why he keeps texting me, if he feels like talking or what, he didn't reply.

It's just wtf, I already told him before to please stop with these random chats, I mean he texts me but then leaves me hanging, and since the breakup he's the only one who keeps doing this, I respect his space and never text him

But why would he text me over such simple matters if he doesn't want to talk then? I have been acting just friendly bc he's the one who dumped me so I don't show love
My long distance ex texts me over "favors" too often, what are his intentions?
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