I broke up, is this normal?

I broke up with my boyfriend last week. Why? I didn't see it going anywhere. He didn't pay back money he owed. He had different views on cheating than me eventhough he was faithful. Also because he never, almost never, touches me without sex and touch is very important to me, like sometimes i would try but he moved my hand.

I told him because I didn't see it going fuether and different values. He didn't really get it and thought my excuse was bs.

We met to talk. He invited me over as friends and we had dinner with his friends. of course we ended up in the bed.

After i told him i had too many feelings to be friends. He was like but it is my decision i broke up, so i have to say what I want and come talk with him. I don't want to leave it hanging thinking everything is fine for one week I told him. He said but relationships are not everything and we i think so much about relationships like there is more to life. I then asked why we are still talking then and that we can't hang out after a break up and hung up.

I don't understand, is he mad, does he want me to say I want him, but why he acts like he doesn't care and don't just tell me what he wants, he always leave the ball in my court and I hate it.
I broke up, is this normal?
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