Would you return to the place you fell in love with your boyfriend/now ex?

My boyfriend and I just broke up like 2 days ago.

The wounds and pain are fresh and I have a hard time seeing myself returning to this place in a month.

Long story short: I’m from another country than my boyfriend, I’ve lived in the town that he also lives in for about 2 and a half years now. I’ve loved it here but I’m starting to wonder if my progression of moving on will make it harder by returning to this town after I’ve been home for 1 month.

I’m leaving for home in 1 week and it’s already extremely painful to walk around this town because exactly EVERY PLACE reminds me of him. There’s endless of restaurants, grocery store, CVS, roads that we’ve been on.

This is a fairly small town and I’m also fearing that I’ll return and I’ll see him in his car, be reminded of where his house is when doing groceries (his house is 2 minutes away from there) or overall just seeing him, maybe with a new girl etc!

My boyfriend now ex said I can’t think that way since I loved this town before I met him. But I’m just terrified I’ll return and then be depressed for months, making my roommate feel miserable in my presence and overall not finding a new guy to date and instead live in the past.

What would you guys do? Return home and never look back or go home and then return to the same town where you’ll have to handle lots of memories from an ex you loved?
Would you return to the place you fell in love with your boyfriend/now ex?
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