How do you deal with missing someone who doesn't deserve to be missed?

I made a friend a couple years back and at first thing's were great and we were so happy, he began to get more romanticly involved with me and manipulated me into giving him sexual favors by telling me I was beautiful and was special to him.

After two years on and off we'd constantly fight about him not spending enough time with me and going silent on me for months and then expecting things to go back normal. It hurt and I'd miss him a lot and worry something bad may have happened eveytime. we'd end up making up and he'd use me again.

After a while he started getting more sexually aggressive with me and constantly emotionally manipulate me into having sex with him by threatening to leave if I didn't. I loved him.

Then he went silent on me again for 3 months and I was so upset with him and he didn't understand why. We were never a official thing I was just his dirty little secret. We started to fight and he asked why I should care so much as what we have isn't real and that I mean nothing to him. It hurt so much and still does to this day I told him I loved him and I burst into tears and told him to leave and never come back to me again.

After that I really started to clean up my act and found someone amazing, who makes me so happy and I love him with all my heart and I know he feels the same. I tried making friends with my old guy again and we were for a while, I even tried to help him find a girlfriend himself but ung nothing happened. Hed say he was happy for me and then go silent on me again. Once I confronted him about this he said it was because it hurt him to see me with another man given his feelings for me and are past. It made me so mad as I'd finally came to the conclusion this guy had just been playing with me thus whole time and I completely blocked him out my life.
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I stopped talking to him in July and completely left him behind but now I'm starting to think about him again and missing him as a friend, I still really cared about his happiness for som reason and just want to know how he is doing now. I heard a rumour he's died in a car accident, my stomach dropped, I really hope this isn't ture and he's fine but for reason I miss him and I don't really think he deserves any of my head space
How do you deal with missing someone who doesn't deserve to be missed?
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