Mom vs wife. Should I exit the marriage?

My wife does not get along with my mother and niece whom I share a very close relationship with. Things are so bad that they can't even visit our home. It has gotten to a point where I am uncomfortable. I understand once you get married you have to move away from your parents. But this hurts. I'm considering divorce because I feel no one should ever be faced with a challenge of choosing between their parents and spouses. I would certainly not do it to her, I dont understand why I should stomach it.

My family has always depended on me. When I met her, I told her my situation and responsibilities. After we got married things changed. I understand where she's coming from. My niece is 27, my mom is 75, I'm 31 and my wife is 33.

I feel I need a wife that can be willing to be a part of my family. To at least have a relationship
Mom vs wife. Should I exit the marriage?
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