My bf’s ex worry me so much, please give advice on how to deal with it?

Let me just say this first, i dont dislike her. Its a “she’s 10 times prettier, sexier, smarter than i am- has my boyfriend really gotten over her, no way he has- i suck” kind.

I've never worried about my past bf’s exes before, until this one. I guess this is because i am aware that my current bf’s ex wants him back, even though she’s the one who left him. They were together for two years.

My boyfriend tells me his ex messages him still. Asking how he’s doing, making sure he’s okay. Once my boyfriend told me she mentioned how pretty i look? then sometimes she reacts a “❤️” on photos of us my boyfriend posts. Which kind of surprised me knowing she’s made it clear he wants him back. She also reacts on photos of my boyfriend alone.

I just left my hometown to study far from home. Basically we’re in an ldr for a few months now. My boyfriend and his ex goes to the same school lol.

As the pathetic mess that i am, I've visited his ex’s social media and i see how she’s such an interesting person with so much passion in her life. She’s stunning and she’s got a good sense of humor, too. She’s basically everything im not and will never be.

My boyfriend has never given me any reason to feel so insecure about his ex. Its all on me. Im just too insecure, and stupid too. I sometimes look back at their old photos together and lol it hurts man. I've dreamt about my boyfriend and his ex once, told my boyfriend about it. He always reassures me he loves me. SO WHY AM I LIKE THIS. Also my boyfriend has no idea i feel this way, just aside from the dreaming part which he probably thinks is nothing.

Anyway im pretty sure she’s very nice and is a good person. I just want to stop feeling so shitty every time i think about the two of them. Or better, i just want to stop being worried about the two of them and NOT think about it at all anymore.
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I really only posted this to get it off my chest ok thanks sorry
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Nah not really i also genuinely want to know how i should get over this
My bf’s ex worry me so much, please give advice on how to deal with it?
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