I feel like my Narcissist is watching me?

The Narcissist which is definitely a perfect word for him discarded me because he felt like when I don’t pick up the phone every second that I’m with another guy. I didn’t care and I still don’t till this day. On the other hand, I shop in the area he works at and since he’s a truck driver he makes stops to the stores I shop at to drop of items.

Recently, I was shopping with my sister and I saw a truck speeding from an area in the parking driving near the parked car my sister drove in, in the parking lot. I know I am not going crazy, it was the same exact truck he drove in, sound of the truck, and speed. I know this because when I used to stop by that store before I went shopping to tell him hi that was the same one he drove. For some reason I sensed he was there so I turned around and started eyeing the truck. I immediately hopped in the car but I couldn’t see a thing because the truck began to speed by even faster.

It’s not impossible because my narcissists even spotted me one time and I had no idea he was near but he claimed we were in the same store. I am very care free when a guy and I stop speaking especially in this situation because he was paranoid about other guys and I when we weren’t even official.

Sometimes I have to tell myself, “Nah you’re just mistaken him for someone else.” So I don’t freak myself out.
I feel like my Narcissist is watching me?
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