Does my ex secretly like me or am I just delusional?

my ex and I broke up a little while ago. her and I were truly in love and it even came to the point she got me a promise ring! Well, a week after she got me a promise ring she left surprisingly. Her and I live almost 3 hours away from one another and always have. she would come down and visit me at times and I loved it. the bad thing is that I dont have a job or a car due to unfortunate events in my life. since the first day we met back in July I didn't have a job or any stable money to do stuff with. she was always the one who drove to see me and she always paid for the dates since I didn't have the money to. it was always on her shoulders to visit me since I could not drive to see her.
so it makes me wonder that did she break up cause I'm not "man enough"? that I can't drive or go on dates that I pay for? i wonder all the time that if she left me cause she noticed i wasn't giving to the relationship anything but emotions.
she still talks to me a few times a week and we even send letters and mail to eachother. so is she just waiting for me to get a job and car? is she just waiting on me to become stable enough? cause it's certainly rare for an ex to stay like she has and also while staying actively do stuff.
so I wonder if she is just secretly waiting for me to get my act together or is she just being nice.
if you have ant questions about all of this please ask them so I can help out in the answers. thanks.
Does my ex secretly like me or am I just delusional?
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